Amanohashidate (chopsticks of AMA, dandy) is a bar where I separate Aso sea of Miyazu bay in Miyazu-shi, Kyoto and an inland sea in north and south. One of scenic trio of Japan. The sightseeing irekomi number of guests of 2013 is the 1st place at a tourist spot in Kyoto-fu except for Kyoto-shi with 1,781,900 people.
Amanohashidate separates Aso sea of Miyazu bay and an inland sea off in north and south, and is made the baymouth bar by which the full length comes 3.6 kilometers. Details about formation have various views. Miyazu bay becomes perfect land 20,000 years before, and a glacial period ends the back and about 7~~8000 years before, and development starts with accumulation in the first’s inside water where sea level rise calms down, and it grows rapidly in a glacial period behind the Jomon period (Holocene epoch and about 6000 years before), and I appear in the sea by 2-earth and sand which flowed in quantities by an earthquake 3000 years ago, and you assume that it even grew into the present form in the historic age. A song of Koshikibu shrine maiden of a traditional Japanese playing card in the Heian Period “Oeyama  On the field way I take  When it’s far, stepping isn’t also seen yet, Amanohashidate” is learned about as the beauty spot and a scenic spot more than antiquity, and is seen as an example. The document-like first meeting of the word and phrase as “scenic trio of Japan” Amanohashidate learned about widely today was called as well as Matsushima and Miyajima is said to be the part recorded about Amanohashidate in Kaibara Ekiken’s issued book “itself, snake account of a trip” in 1689 (1689). It was designated in a national special scenic spot on (in 1952) November 22, 1952 after the Second World War, and it was the designation area of the Wakasa-wan quasi national park on June 1, 1955 of 3 years later. It’s the designation area of the Tango Amanohashidate Oeyama quasi national park established on August 3, 2007 at present.

It was proposed as the world’s cultural and natural heritage temporary list mentioning property candidate to the Agency for Cultural Affairs by a name as “the starting point of a cultural view in Amanohashidate – Japan”, but Kyoto-fu and Miyazu-shi weren’t chosen as a temporary list. But the positive value as category Ia “Something to which work should be advanced based on a basic subject on a written proposal.” was received. It’s selected by an important cultural view as “cultural view in Miyazu Amanohashidate” in 2014.